Opportunities are available through current vacancies or our temporary employment register.

We are seeking expressions of interest for non-ongoing Economists, across all levels, to assist the Commission’s wide-ranging work. Our work calls for people with a strong background in economics, especially microeconomics, who are interested in policy analysis. Skills and experience in regulatory review, quantitative research (including cost-benefit analysis and econometrics), law and other social sciences are also highly valued by the Commission.

Positions available through the register will be non-ongoing (less than 12 months) and may be on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, depending on the business needs and requirements of the Commission.

Applicants will only be contacted if a vacancy arises suiting their skills and experience. There is no guarantee that an offer of employment will be made while an application remains on the register.

Applications on the Register will remain active for 12 months, or until applicants notify us that they are no longer actively seeking employment. Should applicants wish to remain on the register after 12 months, they will need to reapply.

To be appointed you must be an Australian citizen, have permanent residency status or a visa permitting you to work for the length of the employment. Referee checking and other pre-employment checks may occur prior to any offer of employment.