Productivity reform in Australia and New Zealand: Barriers and opportunities

24 November 2020

The forum brought together leading experts to discuss priority policy issues to improve productivity. The program featured speakers across a broad range of policy areas as well as a panel discussion featuring the Chairs of the Australian, New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australian Productivity Commissions.

Speakers and topics:

  • Professor Gary Banks, Not wasting a Crisis: The reform landscape and the role of the PCs
  • Professor Bob Gregory, Grand designs: Key policy adjustments in a post COVID-19 world
  • Professor Alan Bollard, Infrastructure and productivity post COVID-19
  • Associate Professor Janine Dixon, Harnessing productivity gains post COVID-19: Structural change implications for the Australian economy
  • Jason McDonald, Deregulation: Why do we need to deregulate?
  • Professor John Daley, The increasing institutional barriers to reform
  • Peter Harris, Data and policy design: Options to improve productivity and welfare outcomes
  • Professor Arthur Grimes, From Star to Superstar: New Zealand’s productivity performance – Unlocking further gains
  • Professor Bruce Chapman, Vocational education & training: Reforming financing to improve outcomes

In his capacity as President of CEDA’s Queensland State Advisory Council, Dr Pradeep Philip moderated the panel discussion. that featured Michael Brennan, Murray Sherwin, Peter Achterstraat, Dr Karen Hooper and Dr Matthew Butlin.

The forum, hosted by the Queensland Productivity Commission, was a joint event of the Australian, New Zealand and state productivity commissions.