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Any member of the public can help QPC to identify and explore key issues. Your help informs and strengthens our advice.

The Inquiry Process

We undertake inquiries about matters relating to productivity, economic development and industry in Queensland, as directed by the Minister.
The Minister does this by issuing terms of reference, which outline the scope of the inquiry.

Once the terms of reference have been issued, we begin consultations and write an initial report, often called an issues paper. The paper outlines key issues relating to the inquiry topic and we will normally seek input and feedback from the public about these issues.

Feedback from stakeholders is usually provided in formal submissions, which we publish on our website unless they are marked confidential.

Submissions to the issues paper and further consultations then lead to an interim report, often called the draft report. The draft report will usually include key findings and draft recommendations for the government. After its release, there is another round of consultations and more submissions are requested.

These final submissions and consultations help inform the development of the final report. The final report outlines QPC’s findings and recommendations.

Once the final report has been provided to the Minister, the Minister has six months to provide a written response. As soon as practicable after receiving the Minister’s response, QPC publishes the report on its website, and the inquiry process is completed.