Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism

The Queensland Government has asked the Commission to undertake an inquiry to determine how government resources and policies may be best used to reduce imprisonment and recidivism to improve outcomes for the community.

The Commission's Issues paper for this inquiry is now available.

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The inquiry will examine:

  • trends in imprisonment and recidivism rates and the causal factors behind those trends, including those for young people, women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • the benefits and costs of imprisonment
  • options to reduce imprisonment and recidivism and improve community outcomes.

Individuals, businesses or organisations interested in this inquiry are encouraged to make a contribution.

There will be opportunities to participate at all stages of the inquiry, with two rounds of formal consultation.

Your first opportunity to participate is by making a written submission to the Inquiry. Later, you may participate in meetings and roundtables, as well as make further submissions in response to the Draft Report.

An Issues Paper has been released to facilitate submissions.

Timelines and key dates


Initial public consultation

September 2018

Issues paper

September 2018

Submissions due

26 October 2018

Draft Report

February 2019

Further public consultation

February 2019

Final Report

August 2019

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Submissions due

Submissions can be lodged online or via post.