The final report was sent to the Queensland Government on 31 October 2017. Under the QPC Act, the Queensland Government has up to six months to provide a response. Once a response is issued, we will publish the final report on this website.

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The inquiry investigates and reports on manufacturing in Queensland. It examines opportunities to:

  • build on existing competitive advantages and advanced manufacturing niches
  • take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • address challenges, especially for businesses and workers less able to adapt and reposition themselves in a changing market.

Inquiry documents



Department of State Development  MI – DR002 DSD
Wide Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils  MI – DR003 WBROC
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland  MI – DR004 CCIQ
Property Council of Australia  MI – DR005 PCA
Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Queensland  MI – DR006 CTIAC
Jobs Queensland  MI – DR007 JQ
Rio Tinto Pacific Aluminium  MI – DR008 Rio Tinto
Townsville Engineering Industries Pty Ltd  MI – DR009 TEI
Gladstone Industry Leadership Group  MI – DR010 GILG
AMWU Inquiry-into-Queensland-Manufacturing-AMWU-Submission.pdf pdf/406.64 Kb
Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association 170110-AAAA-QPC-Submission.pdf pdf/831.33 Kb
Australian Sugar Milling Council ASMC-submission-to-the-Qld-Govt-Manufacturing-Inquiry-January-2017.pdf pdf/271.56 Kb
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland CCIQ-Manufacturing-Report-final-screen.pdf pdf/1.03 Mb
Cook Medical Australia Cook-Medical-Australia-submission-to-QPC-Manufacturing-Inquiry.pdf pdf/338.66 Kb
Department of State Development DOC17-95-MI-IP011-Dept-of-State-Development-submission.pdf pdf/176.68 Kb
Northern Iron and Brass Foundry MI-IP001-Northern-Iron-and-Brass-Foundry_for-publication1.pdf pdf/119.57 Kb
Packer Leather MI-IP013-Packer-Leather-Submission-to-Manufacturing-Inquiry-20022017.PDF pdf/91.33 Kb
Queensland University of Technology Inquiry-into-manufacturing-in-Queensland.pdf pdf/332.08 Kb
Rio Tinto Aluminium MI-IP004-Rio-Tinto-Submission-to-QPC-Manufacturing-Inquiry-10Jan2017.PDF pdf/2.42 Mb
Service Trades Council Service-Trades-Councils-submission-to-Qld-Productivity-Comm-Jan-17.docx word/63.67 Kb
TCF Connect TCF-Connect-Manufacturing-Inquiry-Response-Vrs-2.docx word/153.00 Kb

Timelines and key dates


Issues Paper

9 November 2016

Initial public consultation

late 2016 - February 2017

Draft Report

20 July 2017

Public consultation

July - September 2017

Draft Report submissions due

6 September 2017

Final Report

31 October 2017