MEDIA RELEASE: Inquiry into imprisonment and recidivism

A new inquiry reviewing imprisonment and recidivism in Queensland has been announced.

The Queensland Productivity Commission will undertake a public inquiry and make recommendations to the Queensland Government.

“The rate of imprisonment has increased by 40 per cent in the last five years, and more than half of prisoners reoffend and are given a new sentence within two years of release” the Commission’s Principal Commissioner, Kim Wood said.

“The Queensland Government has asked the Commission to look at how resources and policies can improve outcomes for the community.

Importantly, this inquiry will consider a broad range of issues across the criminal justice system, from early intervention to post-prison support.

The success of this inquiry will depend on the views of all stakeholders being heard, and we will be consulting widely to make sure we achieve this.”

Interested parties can register for updates and news about the inquiry at the QPC’s website.

The Commission will release an issues paper for consultation shortly and will be seeking submissions from stakeholders on any matters that are relevant to the inquiry.

A draft report for further consultation will be prepared by 1 February 2019. The final report will be submitted to the Queensland Government by 1 August 2019.

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