Research paper release: Improving regulation

The Commission has released a new research paper on Improving regulation. The paper examines how regulation can affect the economy and presents a framework to guide regulatory reform and improve regulatory outcomes.

New inquiry into the NDIS market in Queensland

The Queensland Productivity Commission (QPC) has launched a public inquiry into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) market in Queensland. The Queensland Government has requested the QPC undertake a public…

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Regulator Performance Reports: 2018-19

The Queensland Government’s Regulator Performance Framework requires those regulators whose activities impact business, particularly small business, to report annually on their performance. The 2018-19 regulator performance reports are available here.

New Principal Commissioner commences

Dr Karen Hooper has commenced as the Principal Commissioner of the Queensland Productivity Commission. As the new head of the Commission, Karen has been engaging across the Commission’s policy, regulatory…

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