Public hearings

Public hearings are held as part of the inquiry process. They provide opportunities for participants to respond to QPC reports and discuss related issues with the Commissioners.


Any organisation or person can attend a public hearing, either to speak to the Commissioner(s) or simply to observe the proceedings.

QPC staff will contact those parties who have registered to speak at the public hearing to schedule a time for their appearance and to assist with any special requirements. The amount of time allocated will reflect the nature and scope of issues to be discussed but will usually not exceed 45 minutes.

Ideally participants will provide the QPC with a written submission or summary of key matters they wish to discuss at least one week prior to their appearance.

On the day

A hearing schedule identifying who has registered to speak (with indicative times) will be available on the QPC website. Parties are not required to attend the whole public hearing, although they are welcome to observe other speakers should they wish to.

Hearings will be conducted in a relatively informal manner. Parties will be invited to introduce themselves and to make a brief opening statement, followed by an opportunity to discuss matters in greater detail. Parties are not required to take an oath but should be truthful in their remarks.

While interjections from the floor are not permitted, the Commissioner(s) may accept brief comments from anyone in the audience if time permits once the scheduled presentations have been completed.

Transcripts of the public hearings will be published on the Commission’s website.


As with other attendees, members of the media should notify the QPC in advance of their attendance.

The QPC does not permit audio recordings of proceedings for broadcast, and agreement should be sought on the day from the QPC and those appearing, before any filming or photography can be allowed.

Further information

The public hearings will be held in the Commission’s offices on Level 27, 145 Ann Street, Brisbane. The building is accessible to people with disability.

If you would like further information regarding the public hearings, please contact us on (07) 3015 5111 or via our contact us webpage.