QPC releases regulatory advice

The Queensland Productivity Commission (the Commission) has today released its regulatory advice report on the Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Recommendations. The report, which was prepared in response to a request from the Treasurer, is available here.

In providing advice to the Queensland Government, the Commission recommended a revised Government regulatory model that:

  •   ensures a strong focus on effective review of regulation
  •   promotes regulation that is proportionate to the risk and increases transparency
  •   promotes industry engagement when designing and reviewing regulation.

Other recommendations include:

  • development of a regulatory performance framework based on regulatory best practice principles
  •  provision of training programs to improve the capabilities of staff working in regulatory agencies.

This report was provided to the Treasurer on 28 February 2017.

The report has subsequently been used by the Queensland Government to inform its response to the recommendations of the ‘Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Report 2016.’ The Queensland Government’s first six-monthly report was released on 24 July 2017 and is available here.