Regulator Performance Framework

In May 2019, the Queensland Government requested the Commission undertake a role in supporting implementation of the Regulator Performance Framework (the Framework). 


Under the Framework, Queensland Government regulators whose regulatory activities impact business, particularly small business, are required to publicly report annually on their regulatory performance. All regulator performance reports, or links to them, are available here.

The OBPR is the key point of contact for regulators seeking clarification of the Framework’s requirements, and for external stakeholder enquiries or issues raised in relation to the regulator performance reports. 

OBPR will undertake a review and evaluation of the Framework’s effectiveness, in consultation with Queensland Treasury, in 2021.  

Further information on the Framework is provided in section 5 of the Queensland Government Guide to Better Regulation. 

If you require any additional clarification on the Framework, please contact the OBPR on 3015 5111 or