Agency-assessed exclusions portal

Agencies may assess certain regulatory proposals as suitable for exclusion from further regulatory impact analysis (agency-assessed exclusions). Agencies are accountable for ensuring that these proposals clearly meet the criteria for an agency-assessed exclusion, listed in Table 1 of the Guidelines.

The OBPR is required to periodically review and report to government on the performance of the agency assessment model. Agencies must keep a register of the proposals they have self-assessed and be able to provide this information to the OBPR upon request.   The agency-assessed exclusions portal allows agencies to register their exclusions online—this replaces the need to separately provide the agency register on request for auditing by the OBPR.

Agencies should update their registers in the portal by the end of each month.

The User Guide provides information on accessing and using the portal. Further resources (including ‘how to’ videos and the upload template) are available in the portal.

Online portal (registered users only)