Pricing Review of Container Refund Scheme

The Queensland Productivity Commission has been asked to undertake a review of pricing impacts from the Container Refund Scheme over the first 12 months of its operation.

The Commission has now released their issues paper.

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The Commission will monitor and report on:

  • the effect of the scheme on prices of beverages sold in Queensland in an eligible container
  • the effect of the scheme on competition for beverages and the performance and conduct of the beverage manufacturers and retailers
  • any other specific market impacts on consumers that arise from the commencement of the scheme.

Review documents

Sub. number Submitter Document
CRSIP-001 Matthew Byrnes SUBMISSION - Download
CRSIP-002 Scenic Rim Brewery CONFIDENTIAL SUBMISSION - Download
CRSIP-003 Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning SUBMISSION - Download
CRSIP-004 Waste, Recycling Industry Association of Queensland SUBMISSION - Download
CRSIP-005 Australian Beverages Council SUBMISSION - Download

Timelines and key dates


Issues Paper

1 May 2019

Draft Report

1 August 2019